Saturday, November 8, 2014

Recap of November 6 Meeting

We had a lively meeting at Deborah Kashinsky's lovely home on Thursday evening filled with delicious food and chatter.  With the crazy warm temperatures, it was hard to believe it was November but the calendar says otherwise.  Nancy Hanson kindly took notes so here is a brief recap of the meeting.

Karen had requested that colorful washcloths and soap be brought since our stores were running low on these items and all we can say is wow...we are now well set for some time. As always, you came through and brought a fabulous selection that will perk up all the bathrooms we set-up for our intake families.  Thank you...all of you...for your continued thoughtfulness.

And another HUGE thank you goes out to Zev Yaroslavsky and his right hand gal, Susan Nissman. With Susan's able guidance we were able to write a grant proposal requesting a share of the discretionary funds that Zev, a true friend of Topanga, could earmark for non-profits he believed in.  He and Susan still believe in us and they awarded us $60,000. For our wee group, this is just amazing.  I don't want to slow down on any fund raising efforts we might have, though.  Many thanks to Arlette Parker, the fonder of TWC, for establishing this close and fruitful relationship. Hopefully, we can put our collective heads together and figure out ways to creatively even do a little more.  What do you think? Any ideas?

We had a brief report from each committee.  Nancy shared all that was going on down at the Bin and put out a request for a couple more volunteers to work at the Bin a few Saturday morning each year.  Only a few, ladies, so please get in touch with her at if you can lend a hand.  Andrea Palella ( asked for a few substitute volunteers for her perishable committee and Wendy Skolfield and I have joined that group.  Patty Colvig shared ideas of how the non-perishable ladies were going to up the ante for donations around the holiday season and gave us some good ideas on how to ask our neighbors and friends to contribute to our food bank for TWC.  She will again target her immediate and v. generous neighborhood at their annual Xmas party. Please contact Patty for a full list of the always needed non-perishables ( I am always looking for volunteers for set-ups.  Thus far we have managed okay, but I frequently see the same faces.  I would love to see all of you do one or two set-ups a year.  

Remember, keep your receipts for any purchases for reimbursement.  We have a shopping price guideline list which will be sent as a separate email attachment which you can print out and keep in your car or purse.  We request that you all be smart shoppers!  You can give me your receipts and I will reimburse you directly but please contact me first so I can have the correct monies ready for you ( You can also leave your receipts with the Bin Goddesses on Saturday mornings.  They will give you an envelope upon which you need to put your name and contact info and we will work out something convenient for reimbursement.

Patricia Mitchell had a class on Thursday night but she is working on ideas for a short video clip for our website and also to be posted on YouTube to be shared with the world.  She has an upcoming meeting with Diane Good at Westwood so we look forward to hearing her ideas.

Have you noticed the great new sign on our Bin?  Thanks go out to Janaki for her hard work in making that happen.  We also have a new banner which was ready in time for the big Zev thank you party at the Theatricum!

Many thanks to Kathy Goldberg for her donation of pottery seconds.  She is a real friend of TWC and this latest donation resulted in $240 for our coffers!  YAY!  We have a few pieces left so if you are interested, let Karen or me know.

If you have furniture in good condition that you would like to donate to Venice or Westwood, they occasionally have need of items for families who are moving into their Section 8 housing.  While they cannot store items and will only accept donations if a family is in immediate need, they will get back to you right away and arrange a pick-up within the week.  With furniture donation queries, please contact:  Tim Sweeney at Venice Community Housing ( or Diane Good at Westwood Transitional Village ( 

And finally on to Christmas...
Some photos from last year's wrapping chaos!

We have the Transitional Living Center's list of children and requested gifts for Christmas. We reminded the group, these families are among the neediest in Los Angeles.  They could not afford to live at Westwood and to provide a Christmas for these kids gives them and their moms joy beyond measure.  Jill Palethorpe has again agreed to create the interactive giving list and once we have that created we will get it out to all of you.  I will create a separate blog posting with the children's names, ages, likes, and a little history about each child just to help you choose what you want to do for them this holiday season.

By separate email I will also be sending to you a sample letter that we are encouraging volunteers to personalize (or send as is!) to friends, family and colleagues.  In it we are asking for donations of $25 gift cards to Target which we can give to the families of children at the Bessie Pregerson Child Development Center at Westwood.  This idea is one that Teresa Royer has shared with us and something she has done for a few years now.  

Also, don't forget that we have some great Hanukkah and Bar & Bat Mitzvah cards that Jill Palethorpe created for us last year.  They sell for $10 each...serving as a donation to TWC.

By separate email you will also receive a tax donation form.  If you keep your receipts, you can attach them to this form at tax time.  Of course anything you are reimbursed for is not considered a donation.

We will let you know the dates for our upcoming Christmas wrap party and hope to see loads of you for that. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

First things first:  We are hoping to have a good turnout for our upcoming meeting on September 17 at 7 PM at Teresa Royer's beautiful home:  1224 N. Topanga Cyn Blvd. Tel. 310.455.1828. Potluck as always. Karen is keeping a tight eye on the shortfalls in the Bin and her current requests for the bring items to next week's meeting are small items:  can openers, cooking tools such as measuring cups and spoons, wooden spoons, spatulas, etc.  

It's been a funny couple of months.  Lots of changes at Westwood that have required enormous patience from our volunteer base which, fortunately, you all seem to have in abundance (as opposed to me!!).  Put simply, there is a property management company that handles the intake, paperwork, etc for the incoming families and coupled with the chaotic nature of homelessness and the fact that they are going through many personnel changes, it has been tough.  That said, it is not much fun to arrive at a double set-up and find both apartments uninhabitable due to an infestation.  There have been assurances that this will not happen again and change is in the air and we will keep you all abreast of the outcome. Karen and I have decided that we will hang firm on our three-day upfront notice of a new move-in as we really do need that amount of time, minimally, to make it happen.  No more double set-ups, full stop.  It is too much. Two in a row, but not two in a day.

Our new committees have been in full swing and wow...Karen and I are both finding life much easier now.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It takes a village and this one has certainly responded!  The non-perishable committee continues to provide the most wonderful items for each set-up.

And here are a few updates from the Bin.  Apparently all of you beautiful Bin Goddesses have been super busy throughout the summer and here are some photos taken by our BGs, as well as set-up photos, to share with you.  I am sure it has not been easy, especially on hot mornings, and we are so appreciative of your contribution to TWC.

Art Boxes continue to be a perfect addition to every set-up.  Here are some beautiful creations made by
Lizzie Scott and friends.  Thank you, girls...they are fantastic.
P.S.  We are always looking for more of these wonderful creations.  The ones made by Annie Gabbert's mother/daughter group and Deborah Ackrich's Brownie Troop are long gone.

I love the way more and more Canyon kids are becoming involved with TWC.
Thank you for your generosity!

New TWC Volunteer Eve Gaines (making the bed!) and her beautiful (and incredibly energetic and productive daughter) Aurora working on the little girl's bedroom. They also created a great room for the little boy.

Big Sis, Aurora, guiding little Sis Chloë . They both did a terrific job.
And speaking of Canyon kids, can you spot the little stuffed animal and personalized note
from a Fourth Grader at Topanga Elementary School? We love putting one of those on every child's bed.
One more shot showing a terrific art box

What it looks like before we head in and see below for a great after shot.
Sometimes a living room/dining room just come together beautifully and this
is an example.  Karen had no idea what color the couch would be when she put together
this color scheme!!!

And sometimes space is tight.  Mom and baby sharing a room.
But so much better than living in a shelter.

Post set-up...that didn't happen.  My smile looks a little forced but I'm trying!

Saturday Morning at the Bin!
And here is Bonnie Graves dropping off some diapers.  Just days before, she and
Patricia Mitchell had made a diaper run to the mid-city, picking up two SUVfulls of diaper donations
from Baby2Baby and dropping them off at the Bessie Pregerson Child Development Center.
Thank you so much,

The reports from the Bin remain positive with each week bringing a new windfall from our community.  A couple of weeks ago a toaster and crock pot from Barbara Waldman were added to our store of great items and Rebecca Franco donated a brand new microwave from her mom, as well as towels and children's clothing. Rebecca's mom has crocheted some beautiful baby blankets as well, one of which we included with this last set-up. Unfortunately, my picture did not turn out, but I promise to put one in the next blog, because they are truly beautiful.  Deborah Kashinsky brought loads of paper goods and other items, including loads from her friend, Joyce.

Akemi, who organized the Fourth Graders with their donation of Cuties and handwritten notes, stopped by with games, books and beautiful brand new stuffed animals.

Nancy reported that on one of her open bin days, Deborah Kashinsky and Pat Lester helped her and said it was a lifesaver.  Loads and loads of non-perishables were donated so the food bins are full to bursting right now, including a nice donation from Geraldine Flaxman.  Susan Lovell also donated a whole load of non-perishables so when the stores are more depleted, I am sure you will hear from Patty Colvig and Catherine Grasso.  Pat Lester is a bargain shopper (and seamstress) extraordinaire and she brought along with her two more art kits and two great bathroom sets including rugs, towels, washcloths, shower curtains and rings.  Deborah brought sheet sets and food.  Sue Forbes volunteered to work the Bin as well but there were already three gals there so she stopped by with a great lantern that operates on batteries and is perfect for illuminating the dark, back interior of the Bin.  What an amazingly generous group of ladies.

Nancy and Karen have suggested, and I concur, that the clothing in the Bin should be sorted through and anything in less than great condition moved on to a charity shop.  It was also decided that we will only accept children's clothing up to size 10.  Teens know what they want and don't want and also sizing becomes very problematic.

We will take existing larger sized teen clothing to SPY (Safe Place for Youth), a community outreach program for run-aways in Venice.  If you have any sleeping bags you want to move along, we will take those to SPY.

I am sure I am forgetting something crucial, but time dictates I sign off for now.  Hope to see you all on the 17th at Teresa's!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Discount Shopping

Mary Morley passed on a great list of senior discounts that some (but not all of you spring chickens) of us can use when shopping for TWC.  After meeting with the Perishable and Non-Perishable Committees last week, here are ways to get even more for your money...remember, we try to get the biggest bang for our buck. This list has been abbreviated for TWC shopping purposes.  If you would like the complete list (which includes shops like Banana Republic, etc., let me know and I will forward it on to you).

Albertson's:  10% off first Wednesday of each month (55+)
We need to check with the other grocery stores to see if they offer senior discounts.  

Big Lots:  30% off
Goodwill:  10% off one day per week (varies by location)
KMart:  40% off (Wednesdays only 50+)
Kohls: 15% off (60+)
Rite Aid:  10% off on Tuesdays
Ross Stores:  10% off on Tuesdays (55+)
Salvation Army Thrift Store: Up to 55% off (55+)


  • Large Trash Cans                         Big Lots                         $8-10
  • Pots and Pans/Large Set               Macy's/Sale                    $40
  • Pots and Pans/Small Set               Walmart                         $12-15
  • Dinnerware Sets for 6                   Ikea                                $20
  • Dinnerware Sets 4/6                     Walmart                         $12-20
  • Glasses (Boxes)                            Walmart, Big Lots          $10-12
  • Misc. Size Bowls                          Big Lots/$ Store
  • Misc. Kitchen Utensils                  Dollar Store                     $1-2
  • Cutting Boards (2-pack)                Ikea                                 $2
  • Dish Towels (2-4 towels)              Ikea                                 $2-4
  • Tea Kettle                                     Big Lots                           $10
  • Colanders                                      Dollar Store/Big Lots       $1

  • Queen Sheet Sets                         Ross/Target                        $16-20
  • Twin Mattress Pads                     Target (online)                    $10
  • Queen Mattress Pads                   Target (online)                    $15
  • Comforters (twin)                         Ross/Target                        $15-20
  • Pillows                                         Walmart                              $2.50
  • Twin Sheet Sets                           Ross/Target                         $10-12

  • Towel Sets (2)                              Big Lots                              $5
  • Wash Cloths (8-12)                      Big Lots/Target                   $5
  • Small Trash Cans                         Ikea                                     $2
  • Shower Curtains                          Big Lots                               $4
  • Shower Curtain Rings                 Walmart/Target                    $1.50
  • Shampoo/Conditioner                  Dollar Store                         $1
  • Bath Soap                                     Dollar Store                         $1
  • Personal Grooming                       Dollar Store/Big Lots/CVS

  • Brooms & Dust Pans                 Big Lots/Walmart                  $3-5
  • Laundry Baskets                        Big Lots/Walmart                  $5
  • Detergent                                   Big Lots/Sales                       $2.50 +
  • Dishwashing Liquid                  Big Lots/Walmart/$ Store      $1+


Shop for Sales/Best Prices at

Dollar Store, Big Lots, Costco

Saran Wrap, Foil, Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, Napkins,

Baggies, Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

Check out Goodwill Stores and Garage Sales, Target End Caps for Discounted Items, Dollar Tree at Platt & Ventura, Super Dollar on Topanga Cyn Blvd between Bassett & Hart, Big Lots on Sherman Way, two blocks East of TCB

Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 9 Meeting Recap and Catch-up Photos

We had a terrific meeting Wednesday night at the Carlson's lovely home.  Leslie never fails to make us all feel so comfortable and the setting is just perfect for a large gathering.  Thank you so much, once again, for hosting a great evening, Leslie.  And because every photo I took this year was terrible, here are a couple from our last gathering of the Ladies of the Canyon chez Carlson!

The primary focus of this meeting was to discuss the formation of committees which should make life easier for all.  This is a suggestion of the Advisory Board and one which Karen and I quickly embraced as the number of families we served has quadrupled from the early days and the corresponding workload has almost hobbled us at times!

These new committees are still a work in progress and we might change the focus and direction based on your comments and after we get a better feel for how they are working out.  Each committee is highlighted and incudes  those volunteers who signed up.  For those of you unable to make the meeting, please send the committee head a note if you want to be included in a particular committee and don't forget, you can be on more than one committee.  Each group will be simply explained below and if you have more questions, please contact the committee chairs directly.  We will create a document  for each which will have all volunteers' contact information, including email address and phone numbers. Below is our first stab at committee creation.

The intention of the committee's/chair of committee is not that these ladies are the only ones doing this particular activity, anyone can jump in and help wherever, but these are the folks who will be most active on that committee and be part of organizing, taking charge when the chair is not available, etc…..volunteers can offer to do any of the activities of the committees at any time.  For example, I will still be sending out requests for help at set-ups to all of you great volunteers and Nancy will continue to send out Bin request emails. 

Bin Goddess Committee:  Chair, Nancy Hanson
Goddesses: Randi Gottlieb, Rebecca Franco, Linda Mann, Deborah Kashinsky, Teresai Rosati-Royer
Nancy will be putting together the calendar.  Please, please, please help us with this.  We need to have a volunteer base for our Goddesses to contact. This is a very small time commitment, Saturday morning from 9 to 10:30, perhaps a few times a year.   It is the responsibility of those who have signed up to help at the Bin to find a substitute if they are unable to honor their time commitment.  In order to make this easier, all volunteers on this committee will have one another's contact information...but remember, you do NOT have to be on this committee or any other committee to volunteer to help. In the event that there is a volunteer shortfall on a particular Saturday, the Bin may be closed.  You will be notified if this is the case and it is my wish that more people consider signing up for this. This is an excellent opportunity to bring more visibility to TWC within the community...and it is only an hour and a half. 

Non-Perishables Committee:  Chairs, Patty Colvig & Catherine Grasso
Volunteers:  Geraldine Flaxman, Pat Rice, Debra Skelton & Deborah Ackrich
Patty and Catherine will be putting some guidelines together for this committee which will include shopping lists, etc.  Remember, all of TWC can help with this but this committee will be in charge of contacting members, etc. Remember:  reimbursements only with receipts!

Shopping Committee:  Chair, Teresa Rosati-Royer
Volunteers: Liz Dupuy, Catherine McClenahan, Janaki Welch
Teresa will be contacted and kept up to date on shortfalls as they occur and Karen will be keeping tight control on inventory.  TWC funds will be used for these purchases unless a TWC volunteer cares to make a donation.  Liz Dupuy has already done a big shop for us (pillows, mattress pads, etc) which we are still working our way through. Remember: reimbursements only with receipts!

Perishables Committee:  No chair as yet, but Becca Barkin and Andrea Palella have had some great suggestions and will no doubt help guide this committee in a good direction.
Volunteers:  Randi Gottlieb, Bonnie Graves, Becca Barkin, Sue Forbes, Andrea Palella.
Historically, those who have purchased perishables for set-ups have done so as a straight donation.  This would always be our first preference but some of you are such frequent contributors that your pocketbooks have to be taking a hit!  If you submit your receipts for all grocery purchases, you will be reimbursed up to $30 if you so request. A suggested list will be created but once you have bought the basics, any extras are up to you! Remember: reimbursements only with receipts.

Pulling for Set-ups:  Committee Chair, Karen Sherwood
Volunteers:  Mary Morley, Rebecca Franco, Linda Mann, Isabel Freeman, Nancy Hanson, Linda Ilsley
This is pretty self-explanatory, but each set-up requires an advance pull so the items are ready to just load in the cars on set-up day.  Once we get notification that a family is moving in, Karen will send out an email requesting one helper to gather and pull the family-specific donations.

Set-Up Committee:  Chair, Linda Ilsley
Volunteers:  Randi Gottlieb, Patricia Mitchell, Lorna Bank, Connie Zweig, Catherine McClenahan, Mary Morley.
Key volunteers on this Committee must be prepared to lead a set-up on their own.  That includes email correspondence to rustle up volunteers, etc and being the lead person on a set-up.  Linda is happy to do it but she is gone a couple of months each year (one month in spring and again in autumn) visiting her mother in England.

Here is a little recap of the meeting plus scroll on through to the end to see a few photos from recent set-ups.

We were happy to welcome a few newer members to their first meeting, some of whom have already been active in helping with set-ups and donations.  Welcome Deborah Ackrich, Bonnie Graves and Pat Rice.  Remember, if you are talking about TWC to any of your friends and they express an interest in learning more about our merry band, invite them to our next meeting (no obligation to join) and if they are interested in becoming involved we will add their name to our list.

We shared with the group that we raised close to Four Thousand Dollars from our Mother's Day Card Fundraiser, a figure that is a little shy of last year.  I know we can do better and to help make it an activity that has more involvement by our volunteer base, we will be forming a committee shortly after Christmas.  More info on our new committees will be found a little further down!

Our website is still a work in progress but we are happy that Advisory Board member, Janaki Welch, will be liasing with Joanna Gunst once we have all changes and additions in place.

Nancy Hanson is creating a short and to the point sign for the Bin that states we only accept new and VERY gently used and clean items.  Never leave anything at the Bin because it will be thrown away.  Last Saturday we were left a pile of rubbish…as a donation.  I know the donor's hearts are in the right place, but we are not a dumping site.  It is imperative that we keep the area around the Bin tidy at all times and we do not want to negatively impact any of the businesses.  So if friends mention they have something for TWC, remind them of when the Bin is open (Saturday mornings, 9 to 10:30 unless it is pouring rain or a holiday weekend) and if they are unable to come at that time, they can schedule an alternative time with one of us.

Karen put together a great shopping source list with the stores she has found to have great value plus average price range.  We will create a PDF and make sure you all have copies. It is a terrific resource and helps give you a good price guideline.  Of course you can shop anywhere when it comes to a straight donation, but when it comes to using TWC funds, we go for best value for our dollar. Karen and I have taken to online ordering, as well.  Feel free to do so, if the price is right, and you can arrange to have it delivered to yourself, Karen or me. If you are not sure if it is a bargain or not, you can contact Teresa Rosati-Royer, Karen or me and ask.  We are pretty good at knowing the best prices in town! Be sure to save ALL receipts. In order to be reimbursed and to keep all accounting in order for Community Partners, those receipts are necessary.

The Big Bring for this meeting was laundry baskets and/or detergent and WHOA…you all blew us away with your donations.  Karen and I put everything away today and your generosity just amazes us.  Thank you. We had to do a little rearranging to accommodate all the detergent and baskets!  Next meeting's bring might be items for our sewing kits (a great addition to every set-up) plus something else (to be determined).

By separate email attachment you will receive a list of all volunteers and email addresses.  Please respect that this list is only to be used for TWC matters and may not be shared with anyone else without first obtaining permission.

Many thanks, as always, to Kelly Brumfield Woods at the Topanga Farmer's Market for her continued support of TWC.

Here are a couple of before and after pictures that should make you smile!

Here are a couple of before and after pictures that should make you smile!  Paulette's good friend, Marlo, has made some lovely donations to TWC, one of which is this doll.  Unfortunately, this beauty had been through some hard times (it's never easy when your mother is a child!) and needed some new hair so Karen and her neighbor, Elsie Stenson, got to work. Elsie has helped before on some doll rehab projects and she is one talented lady.  I am now referring to this doll as Dolly...she has kind of a Southern vibe to me with that big hair...why I just expect her to break into song any minute.  Is she not gorgeous now?!


A few shots from recent set-ups.

One of the many beautiful decorative pillows made by Linda Lynch

Big thanks to Charlie Hanson, Nancy Hansons husband for keeping TWC in mind.  One of his clients has donated many of these lovely robes...a nice addition to each set-up.

 Can you spot one of the art/craft boxes made by the Malibu Brownies?

 Mary just finished this bathroom set-up

 Bonnie Graves...first set-up under her belt!
Paula, Paulette and Becca (post set-up) reading some thank you notes 
from happy families we had helped.

 There are never too many colors in a room!

 Ready for dinner

 How generous are our volunteers???

 Ready for Mom & Dad.  A home...finally.

Only a one-bedroom apartment so we put this darling baby lamp on the dining room table!

 Oh Canada!

All photos below taken by our official smiling photographer, Toby Chapman,
who also ably assisted on this set-up with his two sisters (who somehow
did not have their picture taken!) and their mom, Claire.

Almost done

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Malibu Brownie Troop #12895 ...Friends of TWC

My wonderful next door neighbor, Deborah Ackrich, was a co-leader of her daughter's Brownie troop this past year and it was decided that the girls would be involved in a program to give something back to the community and Topanga Women's Circle was the lucky recipient.

Deborah had asked me how the girls could best help.  Because they are still quite young and set-ups would be difficult for them, I suggested the idea of art boxes. This suggestion was very much based on the success of the art boxes that TWC volunteer Annie Gabbert's mother-daughter group had made the prior year.  So the Brownies went to work and made some pretty special boxes for us to share with the families we help.  This is a project that kids can really get behind and these girls were no exception.  The boxes are filled to the brim with everything a creative child would need from scissors and glue to bobbles and bangles!  Real treasure troves for the craft-loving child.

Malibu Brownie Troop #12895

And then in late March/early April, Deborah suggested that Troop #12894 was going to do a kids clothing/household goods drive in Malibu.  I thought nothing further of it and headed off for my spring visit to my Mum.  Arriving back in late April, I got an email from Deborah saying the drive was finished and that she had brought home the winnings...and winnings they were!  Not only was her garage stuffed to bursting but so was her mini-van!  There were loads of clothing for children and babies, bedding towels, framed artwork, lovely table lamps, childrens' books and toys, hair products, decorative items, a high chair and miscellany a'plenty!

And before closing, here are some lovely comments from some of the families who received your generous donations:

''Thank you so much for your wonderful kindness. Our children were so happy to have a room of their own and then to have so many nice presents for them (crafts, books, clothes) and are so happy to have such a wonderful place to call home.  My daughters are spending hours playing with the craft supplies and reading the books you provided...we cannot believe our good fortune.''

''From my deepest heart I need to say thank you for everything you gave to our family.  Everything is wonderful and very helpful. And all the extras that you provided and surprises that you gave our children. They are especially happy with the art boxes and supplies.  You made us all so happy...''

''Words cannot express how happy we are.  The children really, really love their art boxes.  How did you know that they would love these things. Everything they need to make something really beautiful. Thank you. You are so kind...''

And so Topanga Women's Circle also sends out a big, heartfelt thank you to all the girls of Brownie Troop #12894 for their dedication to helping those less fortunate.  Many children's lives will be brightened by your generous spirits.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mother's Day Card Orders

Time to order your 2014 Mothers Day Cards! 
This is Topanga Women's Circle most important fundraiser of the year.
For a $25 donation, we will mail a beautiful, personalized card to ANY mother
(mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends) you would like to recognize
or make a donation in memory of a special mother.

We'll do all the work (or you can)!  By May 5, send your check for $25 payable to:
Community Partners fbo Topanga Women’s Circle and mail to:
Nancy Hanson
21257 Entrada Road
Topanga, CA  90290

If you want us to mail the card for you, include your name as you would like it to appear on the card, your personal message and the name and address of each recipient

Amish Barn with Wild Poppies

Blue Poppy


Cow and Calf

Mare and Foal


Mother Tree



Mother and Child


Pink & Red Poppies

Shooting Stars

Happy Mother & Infant

Wild Orchids