Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Few Months...in Photos

Please mark your calendars for our next potluck meeting
Tuesday, February 23, 7 PM
If anyone would like to host the meeting, please drop me a line. 
A reminder will go out closer to the date.

It's been a busy few months and we have the pictures below to prove it.

Randy Newman!
Many thanks to Randy for giving such a wonderful concert
to benefit Topanga Women's Circle.  What a gift, though
none of this would have happened without Karen. While Randy is a family friend,
what she had to do to make this concert happen was nothing short of herculean.
She now has another title...producer!
Many thanks as well to Rosewood and Bonnie Morgan.
Working with her was a delight and we wholeheartedly recommend
Rosewood to anyone looking for such a venue.

The man himself, Randy Newman.  What a spectacular sell-out show.

Steinway ready and waiting for the maestro!

The beautiful Rosewood, going through sound checks before
Randy's fabulous show.

Front Row!!! Catherine McClenahan and Michele and Gary Johnson
Joanna Gunst, her hubs and friends.  Joanna created our wonderful programs for us
and did all our online work.  Big shout out to Imagine Website Designs. 

Under the oaks at Rosewood.  
Gentle showers but then the sun.

And then Christmas...Debra Skelton brought all of these goodies, a
donation from her friend at Disney!

My living room becomes Christmas Central.  End result of the TWC
Elves annual wrapping gathering. Big thank you to our terrific volunteers who
year after year are so generous with their pocketbooks and their time.
The children at Venice Community Housing's Transitional Living Center
were beyond delighted with all your efforts.

Gift cards to Target ready to be delivered to Bessie Pregerson Child Development Center
One card for each family.  Thank you, Topanga and TWC.
The community joined us in this effort and it was a resounding success!

A few pictures below that bear witness, in part, to our big grant spend down.
Thanks to some friends of ours at Westwood who negotiated this space (for free!)
for us, we have a place to store our larger items (vacuums and microwave ovens, etc).
So now we have storage here in Topanga, downtown at the Brewery complex, 
Thousand Oaks and Bell.  Yikes!
Karen directing the forklift driver at Bell Shelter when we went out
to strong arm some rugs, microwaves and vacuums back to this side of town.

Vacuum cleaners and microwave ovens!

And we LOVE our junior volunteers.  Little Charlotte continues to help out at many set-ups thanks to her home-schooling schedule and Bonnie Graves' little ones raised money ($75!!!) for TWC 
at their local garage sale!  Love their sign and the enthusiasm of all our junior volunteers

And now for some random set-up pictures.  Each one is different but I love
the way they always come together.

Cupboards are full thanks to Patty Colvig, the Non-Perishable Committee,
Topanga Elementary School and Manzanita School.  
Karen and Mary color coordinate the bathrooms so well!
Beautiful crocheted throws for the ends of the beds,
thanks to some friends of Nancy Hanson. 
Microwaves for alL!
We love it when there are babies. Some lovely donations for this
newborn came our way.
How many ladies does it take to center a rug!  

Something to cuddle.  If anyone has stuffed animals in v. good condition, we're running low
Color coordinated again, right down to the shampoo and conditioner!
How lovely does this look?
Love these wonderful throws
Karen found these darling little salt and pepper shakers
when she was visiting her Mom in Indiana.

And finally, Karen and I would love it if you could join us at this
wonderful concert at Royce Hall on March 3 benefitting Veterans and Families at
Westwood Transitional Village.  More details will follow.