Friday, October 18, 2019

Photos from Today's Set-up for a Family of Five

Today’s set-for a mom and her four daughters, ranging in age from 17 down to 12 months, went really well. Teresa and Wendy coordinated it so beautifully that packing all five of them into a two-bedroom, one-bath unit seemed the perfect fit.

Joining me today were Mary Cleveland, Andrea Palella, Isabel Freeman and Noelle Berman. Noelle brought some thoughtful additions to the set-up, Andrea brought some yummy soup from her freezer, and Annie Gabbert shopped VERY generously (her children went shopping with her and were insistent that these children moving in needed the fancy extras!). Terry Welles donated a great high chair so the entire family can all sit comfortably in the little dining area and Isabel Freeman brought two great trick or treat buckets. I know I'm forgetting to thank someone, so please forgive me!

This is just a short posting because I wanted you all to see the gorgeous ‘stuff’ that Teresa and Wendy pulled together for this family.

And just a little reminder, our Challenge Grant campaign is on right now. If you have questions, please contact Debra Silbar at and she will help you with setting up your own personalized fundraising page.

And here are the photos from today. I have tried repeatedly to change the order of these photos, but no luck, but you'll get a good idea of how it all looked, irregardless of order!

Mom & Baby Girl are sharing the room.

Tight squeeze...three girls in one room, but it turned out beautifully
and I know these children will be happy to have a bed to
call their own.
Lovely crib for the baby and someone donated these darling wall decals. It defined
the baby's space just perfectly and sweetly.

Beautiful quilt made by The Linus Project and special items for the teen
from Noelle Berman.

Three girls sharing the room

I love this pink lamp and the gorgeous print that Wendy Skolfield gave us.

Another Linus Project throw on the couch, a fabulous rug that Teresa
found from a new source and loads of magazines for the family.

Fresh fruit and a welcome gift card. And that great high chair in the
corner donated by Terry Welles. 

A full cupboard!

Love the Halloween buckets! Thanks, Isabel Freeman!

Annie Gabbert packed the fridge with things I know the family will love.

Noelle, how do you still look so purty after working
so hard!?

Aren't the colors in this bathroom just perfect!?