Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Happenings

Mark your calendars.  Our next meeting will be on Saturday, March 31 at Catherine Grasso's beautiful home (directions will be sent closer to the date).  This will be an morning/afternoon meeting (time yet to be determined) but we'll be assembling our Mother's Day cards.  If you have any images you would like used, please bring them at this time.  Basically, we'll be adhering the vellum insert to the card and doing the same for the photo image on the front.  Many of our own moms and friends' moms are older and do not want any more stuff. Use this month for taking orders from friends and thinking about just who you'd like to send a card(s) to.  Some folks (like Patty Colvig) use the opportunity to honor the many mothers in their lives (friends, family, neighbors) who they cherish and respect.  Each card is $25 with all proceeds going to Topanga Women's Circle.  You can either purchase them directly from us and mail yourself or give us your orders and we will mail them out.  If you'd like more information, give me a call (#3850).  As we've been told repeatedly, these cards are beautiful and really mean a lot to the recipients.  This has been our primary annual fundraiser so let's see how well we can do this year.

Firstly, last Thursday's set-up at Westwood went really well.  Thanks again to:  Mary Morley, Linda Bolhuis, Ildy Lewis, Destiny London and Toni Crey.  It was the first set-up for Linda and Toni and they jumped right in and did a terrific job.  Karen and I always like to show new volunteers the Bessie Pregerson Child Development Center and Sandra gave us a quick tour (it was almost naptime) of each classroom.  The kids were darling, as usual, and it never fails to motivate us to further service.

At Friday's Open Bin, I found myself hoping that there were few donations because Mary Morley and I were pulling items for the set-ups we had yesterday.  Patty Colvig stopped by and asked if there was anything she could do and said she was headed down to the Valley.  I gave her a list and off she went to do some needed shopping! Thanks, Patty.

I was worried that I'd have jury duty this week and, sure enough, here I sit in the Santa Monica Courthouse awaiting my fate (which surely has to be better than for some of the folks here today). Fortunately, I got a pass on Monday and didn't have to report until today so we were able to do THREE set-ups at the Transitional Living Center in Venice yesterday. (Update:  Case Dismissed...one of the lawyers screwed up.  This was going to be a month-long case so I was greatly relieved!).

Joining me at noon to grab all the items Mary and I had pulled earlier were Paulette Rapp, Mary Morley, Lizzie Kipner and Linda Mann.  Ildy Lewis also volunteered to help and hopefully she'll be free for our next set-up.  Nancy Hanson came down to the Bin to help with schlepping all the 'stuff' to our cars.  Thanks, ladies, for pitching in so energetically.  As I've said before, it's never quite as easy at Venice as at Westwood, but that said, we managed to set up new living spaces for:

Linday and her 8-month old son, Robert; Diane and her two little ones, three-year old Mia and three week old Amad; and Sandra (who we found out about a scant 24-hours ahead of time) and her 10-year old son, Ronnie.  Diane had requested a breast pump as she fully intends to find work as soon as possible.  Thanks, Dana Briskman, for bringing your sister's top-drawer breast pump.  Diane was thrilled to have it.  I think it was Dana who had also brought down a plastic container of Legos.  If I'm mistaken, whoever did donate this, thank you.  I'm sure 10-year old Ronnie is over the moon at having them.

Mary Morley went to Ross to grab extra sheets and pillows and Paulette went to Von's for fresh food for the families so hopefully they were able to settle in comfortably. We don't have pictures from yesterday as I didn't bring a camera and it was too dark for Paulette's phone to get any decent shots.  Oh well.

I went over to Baby2Baby a few days later and picked up a lot of storage bags for the breast milk, baby monitors, a Moses basket for the newborn and dropped them off at the house on Westminster. While I was there, Carmen Navarro gave me a beautifully framed thank you portrait of the children at 650 Westminster opening all of the Christmas gifts that we wrapped for them.  I will bring this lovely photo collage to our next meeting at Catherine Grasso's house.  It has handwritten thank you notes on the matte surrounding the picture and it's a wonderful T.Y. to all of you who helped so generously with our annual Christmas project.

Thursday, March 1 Set-up at Westwood:  Thanks so much to Ildy Lewis, Destiny London, Toni Crey, Mary Morley and Linda Bolhuis for helping set-up the apartment for The Favors Family. I especially appreciate new TWC members Linda and Toni for jumping right in to help us.  I know this family of six will be delighted with all we did and here are some photos that Destiny took.  I can't find any of the parent's bedroom, but it looked good, too!

ARGHHHHH...I meant to send this out last week and left it in the draft file!  I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things (so remind me!), but I just heard from Lissette Maldonado at Westwood Transitional Village THAT starting next Wednesday (she thinks), we're going to have a number of set-ups including some the following week.  Perhaps a total of five or six. I need to take a trip to our downtown storage unit to grab a few items we have there (if anyone wants to come with me, I'd like the company...only one, so whoever I hear from first I'm thinking of going down this Thursday morning around 10 AM).

I also will be doing some shopping but in case you have some spare change in your pockets, we are very short on the following items and anything you could purchase to help, would be most appreciated:  
Plastic cutlery trays
Tall Kitchen Trash Bags and Trash Cans
Laundry Baskets (they don't have to be the huge ones)
Sandwich Bags, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap
Twin Sheet Sets
Twin Mattress Pads