Monday, August 6, 2012

August 3, 2012 Set-Up

Friday's set-up at Westwood Transitional Village for George and Veronica and their two little ones, five year-old George, Jr. and two-year old Emily, went really well.  We had loads of terrific clothes and toys for them and managed to create a real home for this young family to move into.  

Catherine McCleanahan, a seasoned TWC volunteer and setter-upper and new volunteer, Donna Dorsey, joined me and it only took us a little under two hours to create our magic.  

Our very own long, tall drink of water Catherine McClenahan 
showing just how easy it is to hang a shower curtain.  

Catherine and Donna applying the finishing touches
to the bathroom.

Not a bad color scheme, right?  Good job, Donna.

Our welcome note to the family in their little dining room

A little help in the kitchen.  Keep those cookbook donations coming, 
especially the ones that are simple, family-centric recipes. 

Check out the cute rug that Karen found in Target. The donated cushions are a pretty great match, too! The plant on the left gives you an idea just how big a punch some 
greenery or flowers make in the living room.

The master bedroom, a comfortable refuge for these parents who have
gone through so much.

Little George and Emily share a room.  Check out
these cute things on their dresser.  Catherine Grasso found them,
including the lamp, at a local garage sale.

Little Emily's bed.

 Little George's Bed

The 'Welcome to your new Home' notes below are from two
Fourth Graders at Topanga Elementary School.  Click on the photos to enlarge.

After we finished the set-up I went over to the Westwood Office.  
The director had a couple of donations for us:  
two brand new sets of pots and pans and a set of dishes for eight.
Also waiting for us was this heartfelt note. 
This is why we continue to do what we do.

Thanks so much to Wendy Scolfield for all the great cleaning supplies she brought over just before the set-up (sorry your cars keys somehow got locked in your trunk...oops!).

Saturday's Open Bin was super busy.  Karen and Julie had a lot to tackle. Thanks so much to: Sue Forbes for all the non-perishable foods and new t-shirts; Annie Gabbert for the bags and bags and bags of terrific girls's clothing; and Teresa for the household cleaning items.  

We've got a busy August ahead of us for set-ups, but as of this moment, only this coming Friday has been confirmed.  If we need any more volunteers, we'll be sure to let you know.  If anyone could donate some fresh items for this Friday's set up (milk, juice, bread, fresh fruit, etc), that would be terrific...just let me know.

Right now we have a shortfall so if any of you are out shopping and see any of these things and can pick them up for us, that would be great.  We are happy to cover your expenses, but get the best price possible! We need:  shower curtains and rings, towels, mattress pads (single and queen size), bar and liquid soap, paper towels and toilet paper, mac 'n cheese, peanut butter and jelly, pasta, spaghetti sauce, etc etc etc.