Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Set-Up, Urgent Needs and Mother's Day

Heads up:  We got notice yesterday that there are a lot of folks moving out and just as many moving in at Westwood.  While we thought March would be super busy, that has not happened…but it will in April.  While we do not have specific dates quite yet, we do know that we will be extra active with more than eight new families moving in.   I know you are all pushed and pulled in all directions, but I am going away for the month of April and Karen will really need your help so please, please, please respond to the requests for help with set-ups if you can.  This is an all hands to the deck SOS! 

I went to Ikea today and picked up some more rugs (they make such a huge difference in the living room) and some sets of dishes that were on sale.  We are completely out of little kitchen gadgets (can openers, potato peelers, etc).  If you are anywhere near one of the dollar stores and can pick up a few of these items it would be much appreciated.

And finally, Mother's Day.  Hopefully you are putting together your lists of who you will send a card to, who you can sell cards to and are taking prints (4x6) of any great photos you would like to see made into cards.  Remember, this is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  We will have a meeting soon (date not yet figured out) and then another one in late April/early May where we construct the cards.  

A father and his two young children slept a lot better, I am sure, because of the St. Patrick's Day magic that we worked on the little two bedroom apartment at Westwood.  Joining me on Monday were Teresa Rosati-Royer and Andrea Palella. 

On Saturday, Teresa helped me pull everything together for this little family and Andrea brought all the perishables…lots of them.  She went grocery shopping with her husband the night before and he kept dropping more and more in the shopping cart. I am sure just seeing the bounty in his fridge and in the cupboards brought a big smile to this Dad…one less thing that he had to do right away.

We were in and out in no time and the pictures will tell the real story.  We had some super donations from our volunteers which really helped make this flat look so welcoming.

Before Karen left for Indiana, new volunteer Mary Beth Gumbo (is that your surname!?)
had contacted her with the news that she had a Barbie dollhouse, Barbie dolls and clothes.
And here it is!  She brought it down on Saturday to the Open Bin. Talk about perfect timing.
Thanks also for the two cases of soup!!! 

Loads of books and toys for these kids.  And look at the surprise tucked in the corner.
It is the softest, most comfy beanbag chair which
Deborah Kashinsky found when she was out shopping and NOT looking for such
a thing...but it was not to be ignored.  I know these children will love it!

Thanks for the magazines, Mary Beth!

The table is ready for the family...a big bowl of fresh fruit and one of Holly Baumann's
welcome cards.  Holly, if you are reading this, we miss you and Margie loads 
but know you are happy in Bend, OR

Who cannot learn a few cooking tips from Jacques Pepin?
And look at these darling soup bowls from Pat Lester who brought so many
great donations, including her very own fantastic potholder/hot pads.
Pat is so creative and we are the beneficiaries!

Lots of cookbooks for this Dad.  

A fridge full of perishables.  So welcoming for a weary family.

Another Pat Lester find!  Look at this darling shower curtain and rug.
We even had towels to coordinate!

Never too many colors, right!?

The little boy and girl are sharing a bedroom.
Teresa did a great job  on this.  Great colors!

Dad's bedroom.  There are two pillows there (I think we are hiding
the fact that the pillowcases were slightly different in color...oops)
But look how puffy and comfy it looks, thanks to the feather bed
that Paulette Rapp donated.