Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29, 2013...First Set-Up of the year

Today was a special day for a homeless vet, his fiance, mother and 11-year old daughter because they moved into their new home.  The quarters are tight and not very luxurious, but there is no doubt that their new space will feel more than just adequate to them.

Mary Morley helped me pull everything together and aside from being a little low on mattress pads and pillows and cleaning supplies (laundry detergent, etc.), we managed to pull together some nice things for this family.  Becca Barkin brought bagfuls of non-perishables for this set-up and Wendy Skolfield brought loads of fresh oranges and lemons from her trees.  Thank you!

Helping me put the apartment together today were Karen Saeki, Donna Dorsey, Ildy Lewis and Nancy Hanson.  They did a great job and here are the pictures to prove it!

 The bedroom shared by the Grandma and Grand-daughter. It looks so welcoming.
Lots of terrific books for the little girl and stuffed animals to cuddle.

 The fantastic craft box for little Starr 
made by Annie Gabbert's Mother/Daughter group

Dining Room centerpiece with fresh fruit from Wendy Scolfield, 
fresh foliage from Becca Barkin and welcome note handmade by Holly Baumann.  

 Cozy corner of the living room

 Comfy crochet throw on the couch

 Coffee or Tea?

 Lots of yummy food for this family

 Not sure who donated this beautiful duvet cover but 
it really brightened up the master bedroom

 The bathroom came together really nicely

 Another corner of the kitchen...complete with an, um...alarm clock.

Nancy did a great job in the bathroom

Don't forget our meeting this Thursday evening.
We will gather at 6:15 in the parking lot
at Pine Tree Circle (down near the Bin) and 
carpool to Malibu from there.