Thursday, June 19, 2014

Malibu Brownie Troop #12895 ...Friends of TWC

My wonderful next door neighbor, Deborah Ackrich, was a co-leader of her daughter's Brownie troop this past year and it was decided that the girls would be involved in a program to give something back to the community and Topanga Women's Circle was the lucky recipient.

Deborah had asked me how the girls could best help.  Because they are still quite young and set-ups would be difficult for them, I suggested the idea of art boxes. This suggestion was very much based on the success of the art boxes that TWC volunteer Annie Gabbert's mother-daughter group had made the prior year.  So the Brownies went to work and made some pretty special boxes for us to share with the families we help.  This is a project that kids can really get behind and these girls were no exception.  The boxes are filled to the brim with everything a creative child would need from scissors and glue to bobbles and bangles!  Real treasure troves for the craft-loving child.

Malibu Brownie Troop #12895

And then in late March/early April, Deborah suggested that Troop #12894 was going to do a kids clothing/household goods drive in Malibu.  I thought nothing further of it and headed off for my spring visit to my Mum.  Arriving back in late April, I got an email from Deborah saying the drive was finished and that she had brought home the winnings...and winnings they were!  Not only was her garage stuffed to bursting but so was her mini-van!  There were loads of clothing for children and babies, bedding towels, framed artwork, lovely table lamps, childrens' books and toys, hair products, decorative items, a high chair and miscellany a'plenty!

And before closing, here are some lovely comments from some of the families who received your generous donations:

''Thank you so much for your wonderful kindness. Our children were so happy to have a room of their own and then to have so many nice presents for them (crafts, books, clothes) and are so happy to have such a wonderful place to call home.  My daughters are spending hours playing with the craft supplies and reading the books you provided...we cannot believe our good fortune.''

''From my deepest heart I need to say thank you for everything you gave to our family.  Everything is wonderful and very helpful. And all the extras that you provided and surprises that you gave our children. They are especially happy with the art boxes and supplies.  You made us all so happy...''

''Words cannot express how happy we are.  The children really, really love their art boxes.  How did you know that they would love these things. Everything they need to make something really beautiful. Thank you. You are so kind...''

And so Topanga Women's Circle also sends out a big, heartfelt thank you to all the girls of Brownie Troop #12894 for their dedication to helping those less fortunate.  Many children's lives will be brightened by your generous spirits.