Wednesday, September 21, 2016

End of Summer/Back to School Meeting

Welcome to all who were able to attend the lively, and always fun TWC gathering after a slight summer recess. Though we did have a few set-ups in July and August, it was mostly quiet...which was a welcome break after the extremely busy prior months. It was particularly nice to meet our new volunteers and a special thanks goes to Debra Silbar for being such an incredible recruiter!

Firstly many thanks to Leslie and Steve Carlson for hosting our September meeting, something they've done for the past four years, this being the first time we didn't need the heat lamps. It was like an east coast evening, warm and unusually humid and just perfect for sitting outside...waterfall tumbling behind us and Koi jumping! Steve did a stellar job grilling the salmon and, as always, they made us feel so comfortable and welcome in their most magical setting. Gorgeous, big boy, Osso, was beautifully behaved and was super easy with a house full of ladies.

Good chatter over dinner

And the other end of the table!

Some things don't change and one of our volunteers commented (was it Gail Thomas?) that the best dining in Topanga routinely happens at these potluck dinners. What a great group of cooks...imaginative, nutritious and delicious with just the right amount of naughtiness (the desserts were divine!).

Perishables Committee                                                       Non Perishables
Randi Gottlieb, Chair                                                            Patty Colvig, Chair
Andrea Palella                                                                       Geraldine Flaxman
Bonnie Graves                                                                       Piper Norwood
Randi Gottlieb                                                                       Deborah Ackrich
Debra Silbar                                                                           Randi DenBesten
Wendy Skolfield
Sue Forbes

Shopping Committee                                                           Pull Committee
Teresa Rosati-Royer, Chair                                                    Karen Sherwood, Chair
Karen Sherwood                                                                     Mary Morley
Piper Norwood                                                                        Piper Norwood
Randi DenBesten                                                                    Carrie Rheinfrank
Emma Murray                                                                         Emma Murray
Janaki Welch                                                                           Nancy Hanson
Deborah Ackrich
Linda Ilsley

Fundraising Committee                                                       Set-Up Committee
Debra Silbar, Chair                                                                 Lin Ilsley, Chair
Karla Morrison                                                                      All TWC volunteers
Janaki Welch
Teresa Rosati-Royer                                                                      
Lin Ilsley

Saturday Morning Bin Goddess Committee
Nancy Hanson, Chair
Rebecca Franco                 Deborah Kashinsky
Cynthia Scott       and        Lizzie Scott
Catherine McClenahan      Pat Lester
Linda Mann                       Gail Thomas
Carrie Rheinfrank              Terry Welles
Ann Grant

A quick thank you to all our volunteers, especially those of you who help with so many set-ups and work quietly behind the scenes shopping and pulling and Bin Goddessing and fundraising. It is so appreciated. Here are a few extra thank you's going out to: Debra Silbar for bringing a breath of fresh air and some lovely new (younger) volunteers to us who have been so generous thus far and for kickstarting our fundraising committee with energy and ideas; thanks to Cynthia Scott for popping over from work to deliver fresh flowers when we're working our magic in Westwood; Bonnie Graves for her homemade ice cream sandwich sale; Pat Lester for her fabulous, magical way with a needle and thread...potholders, American Girl doll clothes, etc; Rebecca Franco for her lovely welcome cards; Eden Ackrich (and mom Deborah) for thinking of TWC and working towards helping those in need for her Bat Mitzvah project; and all who are so generously donating to our Giving Fund Challenge Grant (more details to follow!).

We touched briefly on Christmas and what we will do which is Christmas for the kids at Venice Community Housing which is usually around 10 children. We will put the wish list out in November and plan on wrapping and delivering before the middle of December. A great way to contribute is by asking friends and colleagues for $25 gift cards to Target which we will give to each family at the Bessie Pregerson Child Development Center at Westwood Transitional Village, as well as a beautiful hand crocheted throw hand made by Project Linus. We also like to include a gift card to each new move-in family.

Fundraising Update: 

  • Giving Fund Challenge details will be coming but the match grant has already grown to $6,000!
  • We're going to have a raffle in the New Year with...drum roll... a Thanksgiving  2017 week long vacation in Cabo, donated very generously by Teresa and Bruce Royer! Details to follow.
  • We'll still be having our annual Mother's Day Fundraiser with our beautiful handmade cards
  • Perhaps a fundraiser with one special entertainer or a variety show using some of the great talent we have here in the Canyon
  • After our Giving Fund drive has been completed, we will be contacting Sheila Kuehl's office, perhaps looking for matching grants.
So, loads of things on the horizon and lots to be excited about. Here are some photos of the beautiful homes we've created in the last few months for those in transition, including many Veterans and their families.

Color coordinated!

Welcome place setting with welcome card and a $25 gift card to Target

Darling boy's bedroom with fabulous bedding donated by
Randi DenBesten

This is a full fridge for a large family move-in

Bonnie Graves and little Sophie putting a lot of thought
into a little girl's bedroom

Bonnie Grave's little boy, Sawyer, hauling things (enthusiastically) upstairs to one of the bedrooms.
his little guy never stopped!

How welcoming is this for a little girl

Welcome flowers, a beautiful lamp and a lovely message.

 A serene master bedroom

Another fabulous boy's bedroom.