Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Thank You to All Our Volunteers

There are so many ways that all of you, our volunteers, help keep this little charity ticking over as successfully as it does. Many of you are behind the scenes working your magic in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of them:

  • Our Shoppers keep our non-perishable containers filled (thank you Patty Colvig) and know just where to shop for the best deals. Teresa and Emma and many others make frequent treks down to the Valley to get the best deals on everything from mattress pads to cutlery trays. Our needs are never-ending.
  • All of you perishable shoppers who step up to the plate when we send out a request before each set-up make it so much easier for these weary families to settle in to their new home. Randi Gottlieb will send out notes to her committee when we don't have an offer to help, but that is becoming rarer and rarer because of the generosity of so many of you.
  • All of you who respond to our call for help at set-ups. You never fail to amaze me with your giving spirits.
  • Cynthia Scott taking time off work to brighten most set-ups with fresh flowers.
  • Our Bin Goddesses, open the able guidance of Nancy Hanson, make sure our Bin is open on Saturday mornings and besides keeping it organised and tidy, perform  a vital community outreach program simply by chatting to interested folks. Having a visable presence is a vital link to those who want to learn more about TWC and what we do.
  • Bonnie Graves always organizing little neighborhood events with her children, raising vital dollars and, again, community awareness for TWC.
  • The Carlson's for making our lives forever easier with our Pine Tree Circle storage bin.
  • All of your help with making our beautiful Mother's Day and all occasion cards (thank you Lorna Bank for handling so many aspects of our card sales and production). All the gorgeous images our volunteers donate which make these cards so special.
  • Those of you who help Teresa pull for so many of our set-ups (I'm looking at you Emma Murray and Wendy Skolfield!). It can get pretty cramped and uncomfortable in that Bin and you ladies do an amazing job. Each set-up is different and beautiful in its own way because of you.
  • Organizing our annual Challenge Grant...thank you Debra Silbar and Karla Morrison. Your vision and understanding that this charity doesn't run on air has helped keep our coffers in the black, thus enabling us to continue turning a bare-bones space into a home for so many families who have gone through so much hardship.
  • Wendy Skolfield for investigating all avenues for donations from luggage shops to newspaper articles that might potentially feature TWC to local shops. And check out the beautiful rose below...she brought one for every volunteer at the dinner.
  • To all of you volunteers who help us in any way you can...thank you.
And to all of you who wonder just how you can help, there are a myriad of ways (as you can see above). Your time is as important to us as any financial contribution and we love hearing your ideas so never hold back. Let us know your suggestions.

Here are just a few photos from our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at Rocco's. (Thanks for thinking to take a few pix, Teresa!). I wish more of you amazing ladies could have joined us, but June is a busy month.