Sunday, June 3, 2018

Springtime Happenings

It's been a busy couple of months for Topanga Women's Circle and that's the way we like it!  

Hopefully you can all join us for our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at Rocco's on Thursday, June 28. I'll be sending out an email on this in the next few days.

Mother's Day cards continue to be appreciated by our volunteers and their moms, friends of TWC and the community and there's no doubt that we've gotten pretty good at making them. This year Lorna and Nancy took over the lion's share of the work, including researching and finding some great new images which proved super popular. Teresa hosted the card-making party and, as usual, TWC folks created some beautiful cards. Hopefully by next year we'll figure out how folks can actually order cards online but for now, we're mostly old-school!  

Nancy and Lorna have also taken over the construction of the all-occasion cards we're now selling (still only $5 get them while the price is low!) which include birthday, sympathy, congratulations, etc and are pretty stunning. These have proved super popular so if you're in the market for a card, feel free to contact Lorna at We might be selling them at our open bin on Saturday mornings as well, but that's to be decided.

Our TWC members are always thinking about ways to help and yesterday I got a call from Bonnie Graves asking if she could borrow our sandwich board as she was hosting an outdoor movie night where she and Sophie & Sawyer (her kiddos) were making all the concessions...and donating all profits to TWC.  Well, she and the children just stopped by with their monies from last night's show...and the wine and snacks must have been flowing because they made just under $300 for TWC.  SO generous!

We had a small set-up last that had been postponed multiple times due to a bad leak in the apartment which not only damaged the floors and cabinets, etc., but also the electricals. It was just a small set-up (a mom and her little girl) which Teresa and Emma pulled for, but it really looked sweet when we'd finished. Because of the unit's size, it is always critical to make it as attractive as possible without overloading with too much extraneous stuff and Emma and Teresa nailed it, as usual.

Wendy Skolfield stopped at a big estate sale in the Valley the other week and picked up a load of great stuffed animals, as well as a darling little wooden kitchen set...which was perfect for this new family's little 2 y.o.

Anyway, we were in and out of this tiny flat in no time, thanks to the expert help of Isabel Freeman and Marie Wexler. It was Marie's first set-up, but you'd never have known it. Once it was explained that there is NO wrong way to do anything, she was off and running!  Cynthia Scott stopped by with her usual beautiful flower donation which is always the icing on the cake (thanks, C!).

Here are a few photos from the day.

Isabel putting the Ikea lamp together (with more success than I had)

Marie Wexler was on kitchen duty. Workmen were still hard at work, so Marie
had to be creative with half the cabinets still unfinished.Thanks to my daughter, Jane, 
for her donation of their old (but still working) microwave.

The really sweet little kitchen that Wendy found at the estate sale.

Can't figure out how to rotate this, but we worked around the workmen
who were really impressed with our efforts and kept offering to help!

This was taken before Cynthia's far more beautiful flowers arrived.
Fresh fruit in the bowl, welcome card (with Target gift card inside)
and check out the new round table...worked far better in such a small space.

Painters putting finishing touches in the bathroom

New hall cabinet...sideways...can't rotate on blogger

Little girl and mom's beds...tight fit in this tiny room. Darling quilt made
by The Linus Project on the little one's bed.

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