Friday, August 3, 2018

August 3, 2018 Set-up

I'm going to make this more about the pictures and not about me being all wordy! Today's set-up went really well thanks to our great volunteers Piper Norwood, Amy Farber (and her able daughter, Charlotte), Isabel Freeman & Bonnie Graves. Heather Tehrani met Isabel and me at the Bin first thing this morning with perishable groceries for this family and fabulous co-chair, Teresa Royer and Board member Wendy Skolfield pulled together everything we needed. Many thanks to Cynthia Scott for taking time of work at UCLA to bring fresh flowers for the move-in family.

Even though the living room furniture had not arrived yet, the apartment was clean and ready for us and we set to work, finishing in about an hour and a half. Miracle workers!!!

Here's one funny story that still has me laughing. The information that I'm sent regarding the upcoming move-in family always gives an apartment number (in addition to family size, apt. size, etc) and while this sometimes changes, it's usually pretty solid. So Bonnie Graves tripped on over to the apartment on the info sheet, knocked on the door and when a young teen answered, Bonnie said she was there to help. The teen invited her in (probably thinking, okayyy). Bonnie didn't see us anywhere and thought, well, they've moved everything in, but it's kind of a mess so...I'll do the dishes. Then she mentioned to the young girl, "Where are the other ladies?" The young girl looked at her, totally puzzled. Then she asked, "Is Lin around?" And the girl basically said "Who's Lin?" At this point, Bonnie realized this was not the new move-in and she quickly scooted down to the office where she was told the unit number had changed and where we were.

Anyway, once Bonnie found us, she was a great addition, as always (side note: Bonnie and her kids, Sophie & Sawyer are getting set to make their AMAZING ice cream sandwiches which they sell to benefit TWC!).

And here are a few shots from today.

The kitchen is empty. Isabel is changing that.
The fridge now has loads of fresh produce, milk, cheese,
juice, makings for dinner, etc.

Amy welcoming Bonnie (after her adventures!)

Bathroom #1

Teen boy's room

Dad's bathroom

Dad's bedroom

Charlotte, proud of the 'privacy' screen she made for the lower bunk.
A 12 y.o. girl and her grandmother will share this room.

Charlotte putting finishing touches on the top bunk.

Charlotte's arrangement for the young girl

Isabel, Bonnie, Piper, Lin & Charlotte

Flowers courtesy of Cynthia Scott and TWC welcome card.
Inside is a gift card to Target.

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