Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Four Move-Ins in One Week...no problem!

Last week was busy...four move-ins; two in Venice and two at Westwood. None of them were huge, but all required lots of forethought. Fortunately, Teresa keeps a running inventory of just what's in the bin. Occasionally we run low, but it's rare and this is where the generosity of our donors and volunteers is most apparent. If non-perishables run a little low, Teresa gets a list to Patty Colvig, and out she goes, restocking our bin. Because of the goodness of your hearts and your generous spirits, we are able to purchase what we need and when we need it.

And speaking of generosity of our volunteers, Linda Kort dropped me a line last night saying she and her hubs had a housewarming party and instead of asking for anything for themselves, they requested canned food or kitchen utensils. Here's the haul!

The 'haul' from Linda Kort's Open House!

Every move-in has a story and while they aren't always shared with us, be assured that their path to housing has been long and difficult. Imagine trying to keep all your paperwork in one place, easily accessible, when you don't have a room to call your own. Imagine making all the right choices when life is throwing challenges at you that few of us have experienced or will ever experience. And then think of the joy these families must experience when they move in. Clean, fresh bedding and bath items, a kitchen filled with everything you need to create a meal...perishable and non-perishable food, drawers filled with everything including new pots and pans, cutlery, measuring cups and spoons, tea towels and cleaning supplies.

We are always in need of personal care items, especially for moms. When you're out shopping, please consider picking up some tampax or sanitary napkins for the moms and teens. These products are so expensive.

What follows are photos in no particular order of some of the work we did last week.

This flat at Westwood had a brand new kitchen
because of flood damage

It all starts with bags and confusion but quickly
sorts itself out!

Full fridges. Thank you, Lizzie!! Can you imagine
how great it feels not having to go grocery
shopping after the exhaustion of a move.
We like to fill the cupboards as well!

Bathroom ready for new move-in to the TLC
in Venice

Bunkbeds...not much fun to make but kids love them!

Mom & kids share a bedroom at the TLC
in Venice. Sometimes it gets crowded but still
much better than a shelter or a relative's couch or
sleeping rough.

At Westwood, some of the units are small. This is a one bedroom
and Mom and Baby are sharing. Nice robe for Mom.

Venice or Westwood, we always include a welcome card
made even more special with a Target gift card.

So good for these families to have new
personal care products.

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