Saturday, January 12, 2019

Xmas Giving and First Move In of 2019

Topanga Women's Circle volunteers had a well-deserved break over the holidays and it felt good. Between preparing the donation bags for each child at the Bessie Pregerson Child Development Center at Westwood, all made possible by the generosity of Nancy and Charlie Hanson and The Linus Project, and providing a full Christmas for the children resident at Venice Community Housing's Transitional Living Center, we were ready for a some TWC downtime.

Here are a few photos from the Venice delivery. A good turn-out of TWC elves wrapped everything beautifully and through the generosity of TWC volunteers who gave so generously to these needy children and Jill Palethorpe who yet again prepared the interactive, online gift giving list of wants and needs for these kids, we were able to create a magical holiday for these families who have suffered so many hardships.
Car loaded and ready for delivery

Packed car!

Safely delivered to the Community Room at the TLC. Each mom took her child's sack
up to their room so the gifts were opened privately.

And now our first move-in of 2019. Just a small, dad and baby but life will feel a whole lot more comfortable for them now that they are out of the shelter and into their new home. The only unit available for this family was a one-bedroom unit and when we arrived at the apartment, the crib and bed were all crammed into that small room. I think we can all remember that wonderful moment when baby finally went to bed and as exhausted parents we'd collapse on the couch. With that in mind, and only one bedroom, I asked Anthony and Nicholas (who work at Westwood), if they'd set-up the parents' bed in the living room and have the crib in the little bedroom. They agreed but the bed wasn't fully assembled until after we left which is why it isn't 'dressed.'

Many thanks to Lizzie Kipner for filling the fridge for this family, to Cynthia Scott for the lovely flowers, to Wendy Skolfield for going shopping for diapers, etc., to Teresa and Emma who gathered everything together for this family and to Teresa, Lizzie & Isabel Freeman who joined me in creating a comfortable little home for these new folks.

Baby's bedroom

Large bathroom

Jolly shower curtain

Lovely Arbonne products from Margaret French Isaac

Had to rearrange the living room to accommodate the bed

Dining room table with lovely flowers courtesy of Cynthia Scott
and welcome card including a gift card for Target

Anthony, always cheerful and helpful with my fabulous co-chair Teresa Royer on the
right and the lovely Lizzie Kipner on the left.

A full fridge. Thank you Lizzie!

Donations of table cloths really make these scarred
and well-used tables far more attractive!
Anthony texted me this picture of the bed in the
living room. It will give the parents and the
baby a little privacy at night. Needs must...

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